Zebby Awards

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The Zebby Awards are dedicated to Zeb William Rike, a University of Texas B.Arch. 1936 graduate and founding member of the LRGV-AIA, for his devotion and service to South Texas and the LRGV-AIA architecture community.  Mr. Rike worked in our community for more than 40 years, while completing over 600 architectural projects both at home and abroad.  The award will be given to a team and/or individual that has shown a leadership role in our local profession that has exemplified service to our profession.

As an addendum to the nomination form, please attach a one-page summary of the nominee’s history and achievements, addressing each category listed below.  This summary is useful in preparing reference materials for the Honors Committee.  Thank you.

  • Brief Biography of Nominee
  • Nominee’s Accomplishments/Achievements/Qualifications
  • Recognition/Awards Received From Other Organizations
  • Exhibits of work – photos, drawings – no more than 3 exhibit sheets, digital files     preferred – jpg, tiff, png.
Submission Deadline

To Be Annouced

Award Descriptions

Person(s) of esteemed character who have given distinguished service to the profession of architecture and LRGV-AIA.

Any member of LRGV- AIA may nominate

Zebby Nomination Form